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LOST S01E01-03 thoughts, Spoilers, Beautiful in blu

We have to go back!!!
Sorry, overdone LOST joke. But saying that repeated viewings of LOST is not a bad thing in fact it would do you a service to watch it as many times as possible. There are so many themes and levels going on it might be hard to catch them all on the first viewing. Also the passage of time changes us all (just one of the themes in the show) so you will relate to different things and react in different ways. As you can see from the title I have decided to go back and rewatch the series, and I have been blown away all over again.

It cannot be understated how well LOST starts with Jack’s eye opening we see things as he does in the opening minutes with the sequence building towards seeing the wreckage for the first time. This sequence is a perfect start slowly showing us the wreckage and the chaos. Jack jumps straight into the action helping anyone who needs it without thinking. This is a major insight into who he is, he has a good heart and wants to genuinely help. And help he does all over the place as we are introduced to each main character from Jack to Claire to Hurley and so on.

It gets some ongoing stories started but mainly the being rescued and survival parts are front and centre, the mysteries are left for another day, except for our old friend the “Smoke monster”. As the survivors have no idea what this is (Hurley suggests a dinosaur for comedic? effect) they are scared, as people are with the unknown. We see it take down trees and be very loud until later when it rips the pilot out of the cockpit spraying blood all over the windows and chases 3 of our survivors (Jack, Kate and Charlie) now they have reason to be legitimately scared of this thing.

The theme of light vs dark is brought in by Locke while explaining backgammon to Walt, the oldest game in the world. Locke seems at times creepy then friendly it feels like they didn’t know where to go with him this early, they did not even know what his “secret” was when he said the line so maybe they were still trying to figure him out. He does not do much really until Walkabout (Ep04) although he does find Vincent.

In the third episode a trek is undertaken to get to higher ground so they can get a signal on the transceiver, this is not a success as another mystery is introduced, that being the “French woman”. With shannon actually being useful for once she translates the french broadcast and Sayid calculates how long it has been on a loop for. It is an SOS that has been looping for 16 years, this obviously does not go down well, if the french woman was never rescued it seems unlikely our survivors will. This is a major turning point for the show as they are now encouraged to make this island home which means we can really delve into the islands secrets, even though they maybe drawn out through entire series they are still interesting when they come up.

The flashback model is well used in my opinion we get to see who they were before the island while those issues are brought up on the island. They are all “lost”, beleive it or not, in their lives before the island so we get to see them grow and change into better people while dealing with island life. From the third ep we know Kate is on the run from the law although we do not know what she did until later. She tries to tell Jack, as she feels like she needs to explain her self to him, he does not care by saying they all deserve a second chance now they are there and effectively “died” 3 days ago. There is a real attraction between them, this is something that is explored across the entire series, a slow burn indeed.

I am watching on blu ray which makes the show absolutely beautiful, so clear and vibrant. The music is amazing really adds to the show. It’s a really immersive show because of the elements that make it up from writing to acting to everything else. I am excited to go on this journey again, 12 years have gone by since LOST started but it still feels so fresh and I’m sure I will watch again and again.. More thoughts to come as I get through the series


“It doesn’t matter, Kate, who we were, what we did before this… before the crash. It doesn’t really… Three days ago, we all died. We should all be able to start over.” Jack to Kate Tabula Rosa

Jessica Jones Ep 01 – AKA Ladies Night – Spoilers

Let me start by saying this show maybe one of the best things I’ve ever seen on TV or in Film. It’s incredible top to bottom. Jessica is such an interesting character, played amazingly by Krysten Ritter. You absolutely beleive she has PTSD and it is heart-breaking to watch. Her flash backs and dreams are genuinly creepy (when Kilgrave licks her face to name but one) and they terrify her with good reason. It get’s so bad at few points, as the realisation dawns on her that he is back, that she actually loses control and the her street name reciting just does not work and decides that running away is best idea for her. Which tottally understandable considering what he has done to her. Although not explicitly explained, which I love, you get enough information that you can peice together what may have happened. She ultimately ends up staying because it is the right thing to do as deep down she is a good person wanting to do the right thing it’s just difficult her knowing what her powers can be capable of. The scene she decides to stay and fight is so well put together you are with her during the process, I love the echo from the beginning of the episode when she says “you either ignore it or you do something about it”. Her decision snaps her out of her tailspin and marches straight back in the building to help. It’s such a good scene and amazing way to end the episode. It makes total sense that having a purpose and/or mission stops her panic and you are right there with her.

The first episode is always a difficult one for any show, you need set up the story and introduce characters while making it all engaging and entertaining. This is a nearly perfect example of how to do this,  the first time I watched it I was in all the way by episode end (infact it was probably in after five mins). I don’t have PTSD so I cannot possibly really understand what people go through when they have it. But from what I have read about it this seems like an accurate portrayal and even though I don’t have it I can totally relate to Jessica, I think this show has something for everyone and she is so relateble not just to survivors, PTSD sufferers or Women but people in general. She shows you how you can be brave, to face your fears and decide to vanquish them.

Luke Cage is also a broken person I think that might be a reason for their attraction (apart from the obvious). They recognise this thing in each other that no one else can see. The flirting in the bar and the twinkle in the eyes is a moment that seems like all will be OK, this obviously is not the case. Even after the sex the way they act with no words spoken until she says sorry for running out, although she maybe saying sorry for more than that. When she sees the picture in his bathroom it destroys her as the guilt is clearly written all over her face, this is just another window into who this person is… a good person.

Although you only see Trish for a few mins you can feel the connection they have. They have a real bond that is explored further later in the season. The line Jessica says to Trish when Trish admonishes her for wanting to run away is delivered so well, the levels just in that one line, it blows me away. “I was never the hero you wanted me to be”. It feels like she is embarressed that she is not, like she has let Trish down and most importantly let herself down. There is part of her that wants to be a hero but at the same time that scares her.

Now this all sounds heavy but the show has a light side. The name comes from the lie Luke tells Jessica to get her in his bar. Of all the things that happens in the episode it is named after the that, which is an interesting choice. It is an early clue as to how important he is to Jessica and the show’s plot. Jessica has a dry/ sarcastic sense of humour with one liners that are hilarious, She is quick witted and likes to take the piss out of other characters.

The noir feel is also a great touch, reminds me of the Buffy spin off Angel (one of my favourite shows). Both have a tortured character running a PI business. In a few ways this feels like a Joss Whedon show, which is in no way a bad thing. It feels like it’s own show as well though so don’t expect any vampires to pop up.

I have already seen the series so this is a second go through and I feel like I am picking more things up this time. It draws you in and holds on to you until the end. Such a good show, I will put more of my thoughts on here as I see more. Bottom line I love this show.

Daredevil Season 2 Ep 3 Thoughts (Spoilers…)


When I read they were going to try and top the one shot hallway fight from season 1 my first thought was… How??
That scence is incredbible for multiple reasons and topping it would of been an uphill battle, But Fuck me did they do it!!
This scene in the last 7 minuites of this episode could be some of the best filmaking I have ever seen. All in one shot again only this time going down a stairwell, This description does not do it justice.
It’s a thrilling sequence that keeps you on the edge of your seat, it’s like the hammer/ hallway scene in Oldboy… only with a chain and a stairwell. Daredevil beats the shit out of a biker gang while the The Punisher is going down the lift knocked out due to an earlier fight. And ending the episode with Karen looking at an X ray of the Frank’s skull was perfect (The Punisher has been perfectly cast)

3 Episodes in and I’m already thinking this could be better than the first season, obviously I will make a more informed decision when I have finished the season, but I am loving this so far.

Dogma.. A look back (Spoilers)

After Alan Rickman’s sad passing I was instantly reminded of his great performance’s, Die Hard is an obvious pull, but the one that stood out for me was Dogma. A little comedy about two renegade angels trying to regain access to heaven. Now that on paper sounds fucking nut’s but it is one of the funniest and sweetest films I have ever seen filled with heart. It is one of my favourite film’s of all time, for this reason. Heart goes a long way if you care about the character’s you can almost get away with anything. Also it is soo smart in it’s use of Catholicism and it’s message towards religion as a whole

Kevin Smith is a film maker who has been around for over 20 years now and all his films have heart especially the View Askewinverse ones. Jay and Silent Bob may just be a couple of stoners but they are so likeable they are our constant through these films along with alot of the same cast. I first watched Dogma when I was a teenager and I instantly loved it I have seen it many times now and recently re watched it in the wake of Alan Rickman’s death. It is still an incredible film the laughs and heart on display are second to none. Alan Rickman in this film show’s us something we have not really seen from him, just pure fun. Metatron is the voice of god and I don’t think anyone else but Alan would of been as believable or funny. His final scene going back to heavan is so emotional now for obvious reason’s I must admit I had a tear.

Kevin Smith has a knack of not just writing a good script/ story and being a good director he can fill his cast out with just the right people which is part of the magic of his films. I think Kevin is brought down too much in todays media but I think he is being over looked as the great filmaker he is. Dogma is a prime example of this. Yes there are dick jokes but as long as you back up the humour with heart and a great cast your golden. I would have loved to see a sequel but I suppose it may have lost some magic. All in all it is a great movie and a credit to all involved thank you Kevin Smith for writing this and to the cast for bringing it to life.

“You People, If there isn’t a movie about it, it’s not worth not knowing, is it?”

Windows Phone 8.1

Hello. Anyone that knows me, will know that I am an ardent supporter of Android and a hater of windows phones.

My trusty Android phone, HTC Mini One 2, decided to die a death the other month and I have been limping along with it. It was taking forever to load apps, take ages to return messages and an inordinate amount of time to boot!

So, I was faced with a quandary. My upgrade isn’t due for 8 months, I can’t afford a top spec Android phone sim free… What’s a boy to do.

Well, this boy took to the internet for help. I spent an awful lot of time looking at phones. Was I to go for a cheap Android from a brand? Was I to chance a grey phone from China? Was I to – heaven forbid – take an iPhone into my life… Not in a million bloody years!!

So, I was left with either a brick or a windows phone.

I plumped for windows… Lumia 640xl to be precise.

Coming from Android, I am a bit concerned about the lack of apps, connectivity and general ability to bugger about with a windows phone, but so far it has done what I need it to… Most notably just work.

As a bit of a power user, there are huge gaps in windows 8.1 that you could drive a fleet of busses through when it comes to comparing with Android. I’m currently writing this on my trusty Nexus 7 (2012). I can now quite easily stream music from my ftp site, or my home network, or anywhere… I can watch films in a similar manner. I can delve into the internal workings of my raspberry pi. I can download things at the touch of a couple of buttons.

None of these things are done easily, if at all, with a windows phone. I can barely get it to talk to my PC to transfer music.

But, I quite like it. I did dabble with Windows 10 on it for a couple if days, but it is nowhere near finished and should be ignored for now. Saying that, if it is half as good as it promises to be then it will be something to definitely rival the apple offering. If… That’s a very big if!

Day to day, though, it is working well. Doesn’t like installing things too much but if you leave it and go and have a cup of tea it sorts itself out.

I’m probably going to switch back to Android when I get an upgrade, but until then I shall be happy with my big bright orange phone and enjoy the simplicity it has brought to my life

Terminator Genisys discussion (with myself) Spoliers follow

I would have normally written a review for this but my thoughts on TG would not fit into the structure of a review. So I have decided to have a discussion with myself (which is entirly normal BTW). I will be discussing the film in detail which means SPOILERS.  Let’s get into this then, I will counter peoples points for this with my own thoughts, I may fall into rants so forgive me.

Let me start by saying I was not disappointed by this movie. after reading reviews for it I was a little worried as they all say it’s awful but I must of seen a different movie to the critics because it was awesome. Maybe I am biased because I actually like T3 and TS even with their flaws so you may say my standards are low but TG, as James Cameron says, is the natural follow up to T2.

There is certain movie magazine that I buy and read every month which I trust to get their reviews right. They absolutely ripped TG apart, they have done things like this before with other films. it’s like there is some other reason why they need to destroy certain movies in their reviews because I honestly can’t see why it needs to be destroyed. Obviously some of the points I can agree with namely the bad choice of casting Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese.

I think Kyle Reese is a great character often forgotten even though he has a huge role to play as without him there is no John Conner. Michael Biehn is perfect as Kyle getting the scarred on the inside as well as the outside personality down. He needs to be in serious pain from his life experience in the war and he wears this on his sleeve even though he is a strong soldier who dies for Sarah to protect her not just for John to survive but for his love he has for her. Now as for Jai Courtney he in my opinion was miscast and the only real criticism I have of the movie. I mean I could nitpick like everyone seems to be doing (even people who have not even seen the movie, this is a massive pet peeve of mine) but the movie as a whole is so good I can forgive these. But I cannot forgive JC he did not do his homework at all. He pulled dumb jock out way too much, which is not what Kyle is about. He had some depth sometimes when he opened up about his life or John but he needed more otherwise what is Sarah falling in love with she needs better.

Another thing people are saying is that T2 is better so this can’t be enjoyed. T2 is the absolute pinnacle in the Terminator franchise as we all know so I choose not to  compare the follow ups with it as they will never beat it. But that does not mean they cannot be entertaining. In fact just saying “it’s not as good as T2” is such a lazy critique and redundant in my opinion because we must move on from that to keep the franchise interesting instead of just copying it (I’m looking at you T3).

Another thing that T3 got wrong was the humour, it didn’t always land well which TG is being accused of. I took it well it all seemed natural and funny. In the screening I saw everyone was laughing. One of the jokes that went well but critics are hating is when Arnies T-800 tries to smile which has been done before in T2 extended. It works within the context of the film and made everyone there laugh so I cannot see why critics are bashing this. just a note on Arnie he absoloutly kills it this time around. He is obviously more human as he has spent so much time around them, so that should not be put down as he is a learning computer (as per T2) and would learn to be more human.

Another annoying critique is that it falls apart when the plot jumps to 2017 due the complicated plot, It’s like this whole franchise isn’t based on a grandfather paradox. Terminator cannot be dumb, time travel and multiverse theory are complicated if you don’t pay attention, if you want a dumb action flick where you check your brain at the door terminator has never been the film for you. And why is leaving questions unanswered until the next film a lazy thing when every franchise does it, yes that includes the perfect MCU. I will be very annoyed only if they decide to not make the sequels as I want to know the answers.

Obviously the above is all my own opinion but all in all I really liked this movie and cannot wait for more. It is sad that these bad reviews have affected the box office results because this could kill the franchise, which once again in my opinion, want to see more of.

Sorry for the essay but needed to get some of that out of my brain

Jar Jar Binks

When the creators of this character realised just how fucking terrible it was actually going to be, they rewrote the code for the CGI. They inserted subroutines that actually blocked the character from your memory approximately 20 seconds after the film ended. They hoped that this would discourage people from talking about how awful this animated series piece of shit really was.

As we all know, though, the experiment failed and this character is burned into our brains… never to be removed – except possibly by shock therapy or heroin.

The Wolverine Credit’s Sting **Spoilers** (Obviously)

Not to take away from the film, because I really liked it, but the credit sting may have been the most exciting part of the movie. This sting is possibly the best one I have seen.  I was excited for Days of future past anyway but this pushed me over the edge. Just seeing Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart back as Magneto and Proffesor X respectively was good enough (make that amazing). But knowing it is leading to another X Men movie by Bryan Singer, who should of never left the series as director, has made the wait even more unbearable. I am obviously cautious about the new  movie considering the size of the cast and the fact that The last stand was mostly terrible but I will be going to watch it on opening night. Make sure when or if you see The Wolverine hang around after the movie for this incredible sting.