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The end of a season… (possible spoilers)

Dear Friends.

It is that time of year when all our favourite shows start coming to and end. Supergirl can go and battle a new enemy while she cries into her cape. The Flash can mourn or whatever…

So, we will return soon with another broadcast of amazingness.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for Podcast 14! (Sorry I’m triskaidekaphobic)



It’s nearly time…

Not for anything exciting, but for our latest 1st anniversary podcast (I can’t believe we have been podcasting for a year either)

We are discussing Suicide Squad, Star Trek Beyond, forthcoming TV shows and my inability to actually like anything ever…!

Should be up here by Monday!

Click on the “Podcasts” link at the top of the page to go straight to the links. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed from there – so you never miss another one of our gems of wisdom.

It will also end up on our YouTube page as well – next time I’m trying to get us on screen… so be prepared.

If you like it, tell your friends… if you don’t then you are dead to me.



Sorry, not been available much the last few months so we have not managed to do anything at all either on the site or create any audio lovelies!

This should be rectified soon and look forward to your joyful faces lighting up as you hear us blethering on about stuff once more.

Have a nice nice day now!

Doctor Who… more random thoughts

After the last series, I have to admit that I was a bit reticent about series 9. I enjoyed it, but it just fell a bit flat for me. I enjoyed the Missy rigmarole, but felt that that didn’t play out as well as it could.

So, when I saw that she was back for series 9 I wasn’t that excited. I love Michelle Gomez, who was excellent in Gotham too, but don’t know where they are taking the Master.

The season opener was a good romp and showed another side to both the doctor and Davros. It was well paced and the twist at the end was interesting, especially for kids having poo attack the Daleks! Not sure at this point how I was feeling about the season, but a good enjoyable start.

From then on, I have to admit it just got better and better. The stories with Maisie Williams have been well constructed and acted. Jenna Coleman has ramped it up to 11, especially as a Zygon. Peter Capaldi has just blown me away, though, with his performance.

From the opening scene of the first episode to the latest, the penultimate, he has just taken this character through the full range of emotion and back again. He is an excellent performer, anyway, and brings so much to this alien.

I have been a fan of the show for forever, see other posts, and there have been some wonderful actors bringing many things to the role, but Peter has something special.

The penultimate¬†episode, I watched it a few times, thinking that only he, and Tom Baker possibly Sylvester McCoy (and I would love to have seen the sixth doctor take on the veil), could have given the performance needed to pull this off. As an actor myself I know the depths that performers have to go to to take on a script as daunting as this… I don’t think David Tennant, with all his gurning and self love, could have done this. Even my new series fave, Matt Smith, would have had a hard time with this. Peter has that edge as he is an actor with a lot of experience behind him.

UPDATE! – I decided to skip a bit cos I was boring myself along the way. What follows is harmless nonsense and should be treated as such. If you would like to read my entire diatribe then please feel free to not. Ta xxx

It feels like nothing is happening at the moment. The series is on, yet another, break and the current Doctor is looking to be off. This all brings back terrible memories from 1989 when it was all cancelled the first time and I don’t know if I can wait another seven years for someone to attempt to reboot it again – which will fail – and then another nine years for it to be right again.

Damn you Doctor Who! Why did I fall in love with you and your random wanderings through time and space… why??

Windows Phone 8.1

Hello. Anyone that knows me, will know that I am an ardent supporter of Android and a hater of windows phones.

My trusty Android phone, HTC Mini One 2, decided to die a death the other month and I have been limping along with it. It was taking forever to load apps, take ages to return messages and an inordinate amount of time to boot!

So, I was faced with a quandary. My upgrade isn’t due for 8 months, I can’t afford a top spec Android phone sim free… What’s a boy to do.

Well, this boy took to the internet for help. I spent an awful lot of time looking at phones. Was I to go for a cheap Android from a brand? Was I to chance a grey phone from China? Was I to – heaven forbid – take an iPhone into my life… Not in a million bloody years!!

So, I was left with either a brick or a windows phone.

I plumped for windows… Lumia 640xl to be precise.

Coming from Android, I am a bit concerned about the lack of apps, connectivity and general ability to bugger about with a windows phone, but so far it has done what I need it to… Most notably just work.

As a bit of a power user, there are huge gaps in windows 8.1 that you could drive a fleet of busses through when it comes to comparing with Android. I’m currently writing this on my trusty Nexus 7 (2012). I can now quite easily stream music from my ftp site, or my home network, or anywhere… I can watch films in a similar manner. I can delve into the internal workings of my raspberry pi. I can download things at the touch of a couple of buttons.

None of these things are done easily, if at all, with a windows phone. I can barely get it to talk to my PC to transfer music.

But, I quite like it. I did dabble with Windows 10 on it for a couple if days, but it is nowhere near finished and should be ignored for now. Saying that, if it is half as good as it promises to be then it will be something to definitely rival the apple offering. If… That’s a very big if!

Day to day, though, it is working well. Doesn’t like installing things too much but if you leave it and go and have a cup of tea it sorts itself out.

I’m probably going to switch back to Android when I get an upgrade, but until then I shall be happy with my big bright orange phone and enjoy the simplicity it has brought to my life

Count Arthur Strong… the TV Series

I never thought I would say that I am giving up on the Count.

I have DVD’s of the live shows, all the radio shows, some of the radio stuff before that and have seen some of the earliest appearances of the Count on television… All of which is immeasurably better than the current content on BBC1.

It just feels like the heart of the character has been ripped out to be replaced by politically correct casting and secondary storylines that aren’t either funny or needed.

The radio show is where I do and Count Arthur and I loved him straight away. The malapropisms, the spoonerisms, the bumbling old actor that he was, the ensemble cast all just created a reality that I could see in my head as I listened. It was beautifully crafted and allowed the Count to shine, like the star he is.

The characters around the Count were funny and distressed and clever and knew how to get one up on him, but they never stole the show. It worked as a complimentary affair – even Malcolm… – and I never wanted it to end.

I had reservations about the TV show, but thought that with Steve Delaney at the helm ably assisted by another comedy legend it would be ok.

We ended up with a show full of two dimensional politically correct stereotypes.

The second lead, Michael, is played appallingly by Rory Kinnear. But to be fair I don’t think anyone else could do that part justice.

I don’t care that Michael has a crush on the cafe owners sister, or that his dad was blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

It’s the Count Arthur Strong show…

Let’s get rid of the dead wood and bring back the formula that works, and works well at giving us one of the funniest characters from this century.

Doctor Who – Random thoughts in the fourth dimension…

I have to be honest, I sat in front of the tv on the 25th December at 6.15pm and muttered “Please don’t be sh*t” under my breath before this began.

I am loving Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, and Clara has always been a fantastic companion, but series 8 has just not quite hit the mark for me so far.

I want a grumpy old man as the Doctor, and we got an old man pretending to be in his twenties… more to do with the writing I feel than the performance.

Series 8 was supposed to be a bit of a reboot, starting all over again with a new cycle of regenerations etc. Peter was now playing the “First Doctor” – who was a bit of a grumpy, tetchy, old git most of the time. The thing that made William Hartnell great was the way that he had that way of being childlike when it was required and could play those lighter moments so naturally.

What we have in series 8 is a Doctor that is still trying to be in his mid twenties – like the previous incarnation – and it doesn’t always work. Yes, we have the dark moments but they are few and far between. I want the Doctor to be dark and mysterious again.

It pains me to say this – as I can’t stand RTD – but he did the best thing ever when he decided to get rid of all the baggage – Timelords – and have the Doctor as a tortured soul wandering the Universe. This adds a fantastic dimension to the show, he can’t just go “Oi, Timelords… give us a hand”. It gave a depth to the character and Chris Ecclestone went with it bringing the Doctor back with a bang.

I want Peter Capaldi to be fantastic – as he is an outstanding actor – but the writing needs to give him more to do than running about the TARDIS being a big kid.

Which, getting back on topic, was why I quite enjoyed the Christmas Special. I’m not saying it was the best story ever, but after a difficult series it was a breath of fresh air. Once you get over Santa being a dream it settles down into a base-under-siege-but-not-really-cos-something-weird-is-going-on type of story.

I’m already looking forward to series 9 – and will always love the show – but please do something to make the Doctor special again.