LOST S01E01-03 thoughts, Spoilers, Beautiful in blu

We have to go back!!!
Sorry, overdone LOST joke. But saying that repeated viewings of LOST is not a bad thing in fact it would do you a service to watch it as many times as possible. There are so many themes and levels going on it might be hard to catch them all on the first viewing. Also the passage of time changes us all (just one of the themes in the show) so you will relate to different things and react in different ways. As you can see from the title I have decided to go back and rewatch the series, and I have been blown away all over again.

It cannot be understated how well LOST starts with Jack’s eye opening we see things as he does in the opening minutes with the sequence building towards seeing the wreckage for the first time. This sequence is a perfect start slowly showing us the wreckage and the chaos. Jack jumps straight into the action helping anyone who needs it without thinking. This is a major insight into who he is, he has a good heart and wants to genuinely help. And help he does all over the place as we are introduced to each main character from Jack to Claire to Hurley and so on.

It gets some ongoing stories started but mainly the being rescued and survival parts are front and centre, the mysteries are left for another day, except for our old friend the “Smoke monster”. As the survivors have no idea what this is (Hurley suggests a dinosaur for comedic? effect) they are scared, as people are with the unknown. We see it take down trees and be very loud until later when it rips the pilot out of the cockpit spraying blood all over the windows and chases 3 of our survivors (Jack, Kate and Charlie) now they have reason to be legitimately scared of this thing.

The theme of light vs dark is brought in by Locke while explaining backgammon to Walt, the oldest game in the world. Locke seems at times creepy then friendly it feels like they didn’t know where to go with him this early, they did not even know what his “secret” was when he said the line so maybe they were still trying to figure him out. He does not do much really until Walkabout (Ep04) although he does find Vincent.

In the third episode a trek is undertaken to get to higher ground so they can get a signal on the transceiver, this is not a success as another mystery is introduced, that being the “French woman”. With shannon actually being useful for once she translates the french broadcast and Sayid calculates how long it has been on a loop for. It is an SOS that has been looping for 16 years, this obviously does not go down well, if the french woman was never rescued it seems unlikely our survivors will. This is a major turning point for the show as they are now encouraged to make this island home which means we can really delve into the islands secrets, even though they maybe drawn out through entire series they are still interesting when they come up.

The flashback model is well used in my opinion we get to see who they were before the island while those issues are brought up on the island. They are all “lost”, beleive it or not, in their lives before the island so we get to see them grow and change into better people while dealing with island life. From the third ep we know Kate is on the run from the law although we do not know what she did until later. She tries to tell Jack, as she feels like she needs to explain her self to him, he does not care by saying they all deserve a second chance now they are there and effectively “died” 3 days ago. There is a real attraction between them, this is something that is explored across the entire series, a slow burn indeed.

I am watching on blu ray which makes the show absolutely beautiful, so clear and vibrant. The music is amazing really adds to the show. It’s a really immersive show because of the elements that make it up from writing to acting to everything else. I am excited to go on this journey again, 12 years have gone by since LOST started but it still feels so fresh and I’m sure I will watch again and again.. More thoughts to come as I get through the series


“It doesn’t matter, Kate, who we were, what we did before this… before the crash. It doesn’t really… Three days ago, we all died. We should all be able to start over.” Jack to Kate Tabula Rosa

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