Jessica Jones Ep 01 – AKA Ladies Night – Spoilers

Let me start by saying this show maybe one of the best things I’ve ever seen on TV or in Film. It’s incredible top to bottom. Jessica is such an interesting character, played amazingly by Krysten Ritter. You absolutely beleive she has PTSD and it is heart-breaking to watch. Her flash backs and dreams are genuinly creepy (when Kilgrave licks her face to name but one) and they terrify her with good reason. It get’s so bad at few points, as the realisation dawns on her that he is back, that she actually loses control and the her street name reciting just does not work and decides that running away is best idea for her. Which tottally understandable considering what he has done to her. Although not explicitly explained, which I love, you get enough information that you can peice together what may have happened. She ultimately ends up staying because it is the right thing to do as deep down she is a good person wanting to do the right thing it’s just difficult her knowing what her powers can be capable of. The scene she decides to stay and fight is so well put together you are with her during the process, I love the echo from the beginning of the episode when she says “you either ignore it or you do something about it”. Her decision snaps her out of her tailspin and marches straight back in the building to help. It’s such a good scene and amazing way to end the episode. It makes total sense that having a purpose and/or mission stops her panic and you are right there with her.

The first episode is always a difficult one for any show, you need set up the story and introduce characters while making it all engaging and entertaining. This is a nearly perfect example of how to do this,  the first time I watched it I was in all the way by episode end (infact it was probably in after five mins). I don’t have PTSD so I cannot possibly really understand what people go through when they have it. But from what I have read about it this seems like an accurate portrayal and even though I don’t have it I can totally relate to Jessica, I think this show has something for everyone and she is so relateble not just to survivors, PTSD sufferers or Women but people in general. She shows you how you can be brave, to face your fears and decide to vanquish them.

Luke Cage is also a broken person I think that might be a reason for their attraction (apart from the obvious). They recognise this thing in each other that no one else can see. The flirting in the bar and the twinkle in the eyes is a moment that seems like all will be OK, this obviously is not the case. Even after the sex the way they act with no words spoken until she says sorry for running out, although she maybe saying sorry for more than that. When she sees the picture in his bathroom it destroys her as the guilt is clearly written all over her face, this is just another window into who this person is… a good person.

Although you only see Trish for a few mins you can feel the connection they have. They have a real bond that is explored further later in the season. The line Jessica says to Trish when Trish admonishes her for wanting to run away is delivered so well, the levels just in that one line, it blows me away. “I was never the hero you wanted me to be”. It feels like she is embarressed that she is not, like she has let Trish down and most importantly let herself down. There is part of her that wants to be a hero but at the same time that scares her.

Now this all sounds heavy but the show has a light side. The name comes from the lie Luke tells Jessica to get her in his bar. Of all the things that happens in the episode it is named after the that, which is an interesting choice. It is an early clue as to how important he is to Jessica and the show’s plot. Jessica has a dry/ sarcastic sense of humour with one liners that are hilarious, She is quick witted and likes to take the piss out of other characters.

The noir feel is also a great touch, reminds me of the Buffy spin off Angel (one of my favourite shows). Both have a tortured character running a PI business. In a few ways this feels like a Joss Whedon show, which is in no way a bad thing. It feels like it’s own show as well though so don’t expect any vampires to pop up.

I have already seen the series so this is a second go through and I feel like I am picking more things up this time. It draws you in and holds on to you until the end. Such a good show, I will put more of my thoughts on here as I see more. Bottom line I love this show.

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