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Doctor Who… more random thoughts

After the last series, I have to admit that I was a bit reticent about series 9. I enjoyed it, but it just fell a bit flat for me. I enjoyed the Missy rigmarole, but felt that that didn’t play out as well as it could.

So, when I saw that she was back for series 9 I wasn’t that excited. I love Michelle Gomez, who was excellent in Gotham too, but don’t know where they are taking the Master.

The season opener was a good romp and showed another side to both the doctor and Davros. It was well paced and the twist at the end was interesting, especially for kids having poo attack the Daleks! Not sure at this point how I was feeling about the season, but a good enjoyable start.

From then on, I have to admit it just got better and better. The stories with Maisie Williams have been well constructed and acted. Jenna Coleman has ramped it up to 11, especially as a Zygon. Peter Capaldi has just blown me away, though, with his performance.

From the opening scene of the first episode to the latest, the penultimate, he has just taken this character through the full range of emotion and back again. He is an excellent performer, anyway, and brings so much to this alien.

I have been a fan of the show for forever, see other posts, and there have been some wonderful actors bringing many things to the role, but Peter has something special.

The penultimate episode, I watched it a few times, thinking that only he, and Tom Baker possibly Sylvester McCoy (and I would love to have seen the sixth doctor take on the veil), could have given the performance needed to pull this off. As an actor myself I know the depths that performers have to go to to take on a script as daunting as this… I don’t think David Tennant, with all his gurning and self love, could have done this. Even my new series fave, Matt Smith, would have had a hard time with this. Peter has that edge as he is an actor with a lot of experience behind him.

UPDATE! – I decided to skip a bit cos I was boring myself along the way. What follows is harmless nonsense and should be treated as such. If you would like to read my entire diatribe then please feel free to not. Ta xxx

It feels like nothing is happening at the moment. The series is on, yet another, break and the current Doctor is looking to be off. This all brings back terrible memories from 1989 when it was all cancelled the first time and I don’t know if I can wait another seven years for someone to attempt to reboot it again – which will fail – and then another nine years for it to be right again.

Damn you Doctor Who! Why did I fall in love with you and your random wanderings through time and space… why??

Daredevil Season 2 Ep 3 Thoughts (Spoilers…)


When I read they were going to try and top the one shot hallway fight from season 1 my first thought was… How??
That scence is incredbible for multiple reasons and topping it would of been an uphill battle, But Fuck me did they do it!!
This scene in the last 7 minuites of this episode could be some of the best filmaking I have ever seen. All in one shot again only this time going down a stairwell, This description does not do it justice.
It’s a thrilling sequence that keeps you on the edge of your seat, it’s like the hammer/ hallway scene in Oldboy… only with a chain and a stairwell. Daredevil beats the shit out of a biker gang while the The Punisher is going down the lift knocked out due to an earlier fight. And ending the episode with Karen looking at an X ray of the Frank’s skull was perfect (The Punisher has been perfectly cast)

3 Episodes in and I’m already thinking this could be better than the first season, obviously I will make a more informed decision when I have finished the season, but I am loving this so far.