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Count Arthur Strong… the TV Series

I never thought I would say that I am giving up on the Count.

I have DVD’s of the live shows, all the radio shows, some of the radio stuff before that and have seen some of the earliest appearances of the Count on television… All of which is immeasurably better than the current content on BBC1.

It just feels like the heart of the character has been ripped out to be replaced by politically correct casting and secondary storylines that aren’t either funny or needed.

The radio show is where I do and Count Arthur and I loved him straight away. The malapropisms, the spoonerisms, the bumbling old actor that he was, the ensemble cast all just created a reality that I could see in my head as I listened. It was beautifully crafted and allowed the Count to shine, like the star he is.

The characters around the Count were funny and distressed and clever and knew how to get one up on him, but they never stole the show. It worked as a complimentary affair – even Malcolm… – and I never wanted it to end.

I had reservations about the TV show, but thought that with Steve Delaney at the helm ably assisted by another comedy legend it would be ok.

We ended up with a show full of two dimensional politically correct stereotypes.

The second lead, Michael, is played appallingly by Rory Kinnear. But to be fair I don’t think anyone else could do that part justice.

I don’t care that Michael has a crush on the cafe owners sister, or that his dad was blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

It’s the Count Arthur Strong show…

Let’s get rid of the dead wood and bring back the formula that works, and works well at giving us one of the funniest characters from this century.