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Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles review (Spoilers obviously)


Fast, Fun, Funny, Action packed and never dull.

Exactly what any TMNT fan wants (Old and new) as I think this is the perfect way to bring in the new generation of fans

It never dragged, I was never bored. I honestly don’t know what the critics hate about this movie, apart from Michael Bay, which is quite frankly ridiculous to slam a movie just because of the producer attached to it.

The main criticism that seems to levelled at the “heroes in a half shell” (sorry) is that it is a dull movie which is devoid of any fun. I feel as if they have seen a different movie as it never let up. Every joke landed (and there is A LOT of them) and were very funny. I was smiling or laughing through the whole thing.
The turtles were all fleshed out all having the right personality.The Mo cap and voicing were spot on Mikey being the funniest wanting to be with Megan Fox’s April O’neil. Who I was worried about considering her past roles but turned out to be very good in this. I was also not sure about Johnny Knoxville voicing Leo but he was very good also.

Aside from a few obvious plot developments I am so impressed with the Turtles return to the big screen

The only two criticisms I have are that Whoopi Goldberg is under used and it is not long enough (so roll on sequel)
The action is incredible, the mountain scene a hightlight. Although to be fair all the action sizzled off the screen
One of the best films this year without a doubt

I had two thoughts when I left the cinema after this 1) I have to download the song that plays over the credits and 2) I have to see this again, So I cannot wait for the Blu ray

I cannot recommend this enough so go see it