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The Lego Movie Review (Spoilers Obviously)


Everything is awesome…..

I could probably leave it there, as it is awesome. This film should not work but the film makers have pulled off a kind of miracle and made the best animated film of the year. It truly is great. I feel as if it will never be boring it can be watched multiple times and you will still love it, not only that but see more references or in jokes with each viewing. It’s almost like Wheres Wally but with loads in each frame. Very funny all the way through with a sweet story, although plot and story is lifted from the Matrix, but it is done so well you don’t care. It folows Emmet (Chris Pratt) a normal guy thrust into greatness being the centre of a prophecy which states he will stop Lord business (Will Ferral) from Destroying the universe with the Kragle (great joke here). Visually it is stunning with everything obviously cgi but everything is made from lego bricks from roads to buildings to explosions to the sea!! Voice acting is incredible, many stars voice these tiny people. Morgan Freeman a paticular highlight as Vitruvius, a blind old wizard who is one of the Master Builders and like the Morphous of the peice. Will Artnett as Batman, He has a lot of one liners is kind of selfish but always funny. But saying that Emmet (Chris Pratt) and the whole gang are firing on all cylinders in the funny dept. A personal highlight is a cameo appearance by the Millenium Falcon with a few recognisable characters popping up at the perfect moment. Also the meeting of the Master Buliders is a nice moment. The 90 mins runtime flies by leaving you wanting more (roll on 2017). It seems chaotic, well it is, but it makes sense when you see the end. It would be like this in childs mind but it is perfect for the world that is lego.

Overall cannot reccomend this more to people of all ages