The Wolverine Credit’s Sting **Spoilers** (Obviously)

Not to take away from the film, because I really liked it, but the credit sting may have been the most exciting part of the movie. This sting is possibly the best one I have seen.  I was excited for Days of future past anyway but this pushed me over the edge. Just seeing Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart back as Magneto and Proffesor X respectively was good enough (make that amazing). But knowing it is leading to another X Men movie by Bryan Singer, who should of never left the series as director, has made the wait even more unbearable. I am obviously cautious about the new  movie considering the size of the cast and the fact that The last stand was mostly terrible but I will be going to watch it on opening night. Make sure when or if you see The Wolverine hang around after the movie for this incredible sting.

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